XRTUBE Service

Within the scope of realistic network traffic, XRTUBE Service is possible to transmit high-resolution video contents efficiently and to provide high-resolution video service within the limited transmission band from POI (point of interest) viewpoint without adding more expensive devices to an existing system.

Cognitive Tiled

Predictive Transmition based on Position Priority

1) POI(Point Of Interest) - Transmit according to position priority based on user interest area

2) Transmit according to position priority based on Motion Vector statistics of images

3) Transmit according to tile priority based on the content creator's intention

Scalable Content Service

Development of optimized low-cost, high-efficiency network transmission methods and implementation of a media platform based on them

Provides a platform which can remove Bottle Neck and induces activation of contents industry

Authoring Tool

Tile editing by timeline using authoring tools

A tile lists by time can be set up using the authoring tool, and the selected tile area can be identified as color and otherwise as black and white.